Social Media

Build online relationships and conversations around your brand using social media. The benefits are enormous and at Invison, we are always excited about integrating social media into web design and seo (search engine optimization) strategies.

Custom Facebook Page

Social Media Why do all the world's biggest brands work so hard on their Custom Facebook Pages?
Custom Facebook Pages are so popular simply because they are unique.Every brand and business today creates a facebook page to try to engage with hundreds of millions of people on Facebook, but only a very small percentage of them have a great custom facebook page. In fact Customized Facebook Page converts your visitors into fans a a lot more often then your wall then just your wall. That is why Custom Facebook Fan Pages of all the major companies are so engaging. We can easily customize your facebook page just like the big multinational coroporations do.

Custom Facebook Pages that we offer:

Facebook has recently discontinued it's support for FBML and all custom pages are now handled via iframes. Well that is great news! From now on we have almost no restrictions in creating custom pages for Facebook! Literally anything can be done with an iframe! Below is just a quick list of what custom facebook pages we are able to offer you.
  • Splash fan pages - this page will look more like an ad or a poster, which will briefly state what the page is about and why people need to become fans;
  • Facebook Pages with Coupon (fan-only content; fan gate) - have users become fans by teasing them with content they want;
  • Custom Fan pages with media (pictures, audio, video) - image galleries, video galleries, audio players, Most things are now supported with facebook iframes;
  • Social Widget Pages (share, subscribe, invite fans) - those pages will easily attract new fans and incentivise existing fans to spread your content;
  • Lead Generating Facebook Pages (e-mail subscribtion, sign up) - want people to join your newsletter or sign up to your service right from your new custom Facebook page? we can do that!

Order Your Custom Facebook Page right now!

Custom Facebook Page is not something that only big brands can afford. Our prices start from $250 for a custom page - which is a Great price for the results you will get. Click here for a Free quote.

Twitter Background

Some companies' tweets get more views than their websites. And more and more people are looking to Twitter to find companies.

If your Twitter background doesn't match your website branding, people can lose the connection when they go from one to the other.

Tips we use in every Twitter background design:
  • Duplicate color scheme with main website
  • Flashy, catchy background image
  • Occasional information section on left side of background
It's also a good idea to have a Twitter page on your website to direct visitors to your Twitter profile. You have more control that way.