Keno- How It Is Played And How You Can Increase Your Chances Of Winning

Keno is a favorite lottery-like gambling game available at many state fairs and it is even sold as a downloadable game by a few state lotteries. Some Keno sites offer bonuses in the form of “points” that can be used for merchandise, entry into monthly drawings, entry into the sweepstakes, or even to get lucky at the Keno game itself.

How Keno is Played

A typical Keno game consists of four players. The first person to win a point wins a prize. Each player is given a different number of tickets and is dealt three groupings of 80 numbers each. Each group has a different number of prizes that are on the board.


The way that Keno works is that there is a shortlist of possible numbers. These are called the “hot” numbers. The player chooses this list before he starts playing. The bottom of the list is called the “cold” numbers, which cannot be bet on because no one has yet won on these numbers.

To play a Keno game, players place either bets in “picks” or in “payouts”. In Keno, bets in picks are the most common type of play. On the other hand, payouts are made by writing down the current position of each of the eighty numbers on the board, then marking the numbers on the back of the card that goes off. After looking at the positions of all the cards, a player marks a number on the card that goes off (if this is a win) or if it is a loss to show his financial loss.

Top Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Keno

Choose the Numbers Carefully


In order to play a Keno game, it is essential to choose numbers carefully. This is because there is a higher chance of winning with low numbers than with higher ones. The chance of winning also increases the greater the amount of the pot played in a Keno game. It is also wise to play a high stakes Keno game when playing at a site with many players as there is a better chance that you will hit the jackpot with such a big stack.

Luck Plays a Huge Role

Another important factor to remember about Keno is that luck plays a significant role. No matter what your skill level, luck definitely plays an important factor. However, it is essential to learn as many tricks as you can and using them to your advantage will improve your odds of winning.

Know the Winning Pattern

Once you learn how to pace yourself and choose your numbers wisely, you will be able to start placing bets. There are many different types of bets that can be made in a Keno game. If you want to be a winner at Keno, you first need to know the winning pattern and come up with a strategy. You can then use that knowledge to either figure out the number of bingo cards drawn or to place your bets.


To Sum Up

Once you learn all of the above, you can increase the odds of winning by strategically picking out the right type of numbers and hoping that you get lucky. Also, if you are playing for money, be sure to read up on the betting rules and the value of each card before you place any bets.

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